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Veteran’s Lament Their Legacy Deserves More

Veteran’s Lament Their Legacy Deserves More

by Pastor Chris Dion, FSM Advisory Board Member

Congressman John Lewis, one of the original Freedom Riders and leaders of the Selma March, passed away July 17, 2020. Thinking of him and all he and other Freedom Riders accomplished, I wonder . . . what has happened to their dreams and visions?

The difference between the Freedom Riders, the Bus Boycott, and the Freedom March and the protestors of today are stark. Those who led the civil rights  movement of the 60s were leaders. They left no delusion or misunderstanding as which people were a part of their protest and which ones were taking advantage of civil unrest. They fought for the health of the nuclear family, not to destroy it. They fought to level the playing field, not divide it. They fought for justice, not revenge. They led with the Bible in one hand and the Constitution in the other, not with the godless Communist manifesto of Karl Marx. They carried the American flag and honored it and our founding fathers. They did not tear down every statue and burn every flag. Families and bystanders did not have to fear for their lives because peaceful non-violent protests like theirs are God honoring.

I wonder where the Martin Luther King of today is? Where is the John Lewis, who raced to be a part of history, not to destroy community? Where is the Rosa Parks who sat to take abuse, inspiring an economic boycott and liberating our nation? Where are the leaders who called out the bad behavior of the looter, rioter, and violent mob but never excused their action.

We must remember that the bravery, boldness, morality, and ethical standard espoused and displayed in public by the Freedom Riders led to a nation coming together, not dividing. Their leadership, along with allied ministers like John MacArthur held high the banner of righteousness and were the salt and light that led this nation out of darkness and division toward the freedom found only in Christ.

I wonder, where did we lose that path? When did we of all colors take our eyes off the prizes of freedom, equality, responsibility, and justice? When did we decide to look to the government for all things and not to God? When did we stop protecting our families and communities by ignoring the destruction brought about by the mob, the criminal, and the outsider.

My plea is that you will study our history about the pilgrims and their devotion to freedom and to God. Study those who created our country, men and women who were black, white, Hispanic, Native American, and every other creed and color. Study the vision they had and the Word of God behind it. Do not focus on just their failings. Do not focus solely on what they did not do, but look to what they desired to do. Look to what they created so we could do what they could not do. As Benjamin Franklin stated when asked what they had created, they had built "A Republic. If you can keep it!"

Can we keep it? Or will this be the final generation President Ronald Reagan warned us about? Join with me to return to the Lord in prayer and repentance. Call upon the throne of heaven. Jesus never changes and shall never fall. Plead with our Father in heaven to heal our land and restore our country so we will see tomorrow in freedom and not oppression.


by Pastor Chris Dion, Retired USAF , CVMA Texas State Chaplain


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