Fallen Soldiers March®

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Fallen Soldiers March® 501 (c) (3) non-profit



Fallen Soldiers March®

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Fallen Soldiers March®


A 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Dedicated to
Providing Biblical Counseling,
Service Dogs, and Veteran Advocacy

Ranch for Biblical Counseling and Service Dog Training Center

Ranch for Biblical Counseling and Service Dog Training Center

Fallen Soldiers March – Future Vision: Combination Biblical Counseling Center and Service Dog Training Facility


We seek individual and corporate sponsorship to help us expand our efforts to construct a Fallen Soldiers March Ranch and help us provide a venue addressing the Soldiers PTSD challenges often exacerbated by addiction issues introduced by inept treatment, over-prescribing of prescription medications and bad lifestyle choices to relieve the physical pain and emotional trauma resulting from combat as well as to impact the lives of all members of the family unit threatened by secular predispositions to choose divorce over trusting God to heal any situation.

Our vision of a Fallen Soldiers March Ranch incorporates not only a state-of-the-art Service Dog Training Facility to fulfill the overwhelming need, but also includes a working ranch, biblical counseling services, prayer gardens place of peace and tranquility for concerts and family oriented activities to promote volunteerism by the community at large and a potentially sources of employment for Veterans.

It is essential that we begin to question, “How Effective Has Secular Psychology And Pharmacotherapy Been At Impacting The 22 Military Suicides Being Committed Each Day?”

Together we can restore the inspired, infallible, inerrant and sufficient counseling formula abandoned to the secular community by our churches to help our Veterans heal.
Concept 1

A HUGE semi-public dog park (private membership, all dogs obedience tested),  where locals could bring their pets to play and train. This gave the Service Dog handler a safe area for their dogs to play and for socialization with pets and plenty of green space. A small and large dog park, to keep Great Danes from running over little ones.

The plan includes a large empty training hall, which is used for inclement weather, large presentations or large group training events.
If they hall is large enough and near enough to a city it can be rented out for weddings or as a  general event venue, using the rents as an income source…this makes the property pay for itself leaving the general fund for the mission.



Concept 2

The second planset offers 4 acres of field that was sectioned off to use for CGC and agility trials, the goal was for it to be rented as a permanent agility area for hard-core agility competitors. (much like a private Olympic pool or NBA court.)
Both facilities would offer on-site client dorms for their 1-2 week training. This offsets our hard costs for having to rent a hotel near the client and allows several clients to be working at one time.
The first plan can offer up to 130-200 dogs/year (26×5), while the second just 26-50. Assuming enough dogs in line and enough trainers.
Bathroom blocks are prefab in the first design, over-sized to ensure plenty of room for multiple wheelchair users, along with a very large companion bathroom.
There is a small dedicated kennel room but wouldn’t be used much as we prefer to always have our dogs in a home environment. These kennels would mainly be used during evacuations where several puppy-raisers would not be able to take the dog with them or if we acquired a large number of dogs that need testing before puppy-raiser placement.



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