Red White Blue Skulls Black Lava Bracelet


The 10x12mm skulls are reconstituted howlite. The black lava rock beads are 10mm.

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SassyBelleWares / RuggedBeauWares has designed this bracelet to help provide Service Dogs to Military Veterans by donating half of the purchase price of this design to Fallen Soldiers March® . This bracelet is a stylish way to give back to the men and women of the United States Armed Forces who have sacrificed so much for the USA and its citizens.

The edgy rocker look of this bracelet and the colors make it perfect for both men and women.

I had the opportunity to meet one of my favorite musical duos, LOCASH, and I gave them each one of these bracelets. I have seen numerous photos, videos, tv interviews, etc. in which Preston is wearing his. Every time I see that it thrills me that he liked the bracelet enough to keep wearing it!

The 10x12mm skulls are reconstituted howlite. The black lava rock beads are 10mm.

The bracelet is made with soft elastic cord that will stretch and you can choose your size at checkout.

Lava Rock is said to:
-provide stability in times of change
-dissipate anger
-provide guidance & understanding

Reconstituted howlite is a great substitute for real turquoise and an alternative to natural howlite. When natural stone is cut to produce beads, some of the stone is "lost" in the cutting process. The stone remnants are then used to make composite stones, also known as reconstituted stones, assembled stones, or reconstructed stones. These words refer to any stone created by mixing remnants from the original cutting process with resin to create "new" stone which is cut into blocks and then into beads.