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Pastor Warren Lamb, SGT U.S. Marine Corps, Retired, IABC

Pastor Warren Lamb, SGT U.S. Marine Corps, Retired, IABC

The internet and social media are influencing the landscape of human connection and communication at breakneck speed. Some of these influences are an amazing blessing, and one of those (Facebook) is the reason I found and connected with Jim Retzke of Fallen Soldiers March. I have been a trauma counselor for over thirty years. I work with those who have suffered just about any form of trauma you can imagine, including combat veterans. Since my approach is from the Biblical counseling angle, running across Fallen Soldiers March Biblical Counseling Network seemed like anything but an accident.

Jim invited me to become more involved with FSM, and I honored to do so. The work of FSM is priceless for those wounded in physical and non-physical ways by their experiences while in uniform. I am honored to be able to serve those who have served others so sacrificially.

The world of uniformed military has been part of my life since day -one. My father served with Strategic Air Command in the 50s and 60s, and all of my uncles on both sides of my family were active duty military for most of my childhood. Upon graduating high school in 1974, I thought my path would be other than the military. God had a different plan and I became a United States Marine. We were still heavily involved in Southeast Asia in those days, and there was still a need for Recon Marines and scout snipers. I put my hand up and was selected to serve in that way.

Between my military service and the horrendous abuse I grew up with, I suffered from what one day would be called Complex PTSD. The reason I pursued clinical psychology when I separated from the Marine Corps was to figure out why I was such a mess, and to try and figure out what to do about it. Psychology ended up being no real help to me.

I have now been involved in Biblical counseling and pastoral ministry for over thirty years. I am a “recovered psychologist,” having left the world of clinical psychology soon after coming to Christ at the age of thirty-one.

Shortly after coming to Christ, God made it clear He had another warrior way for me to serve and I pursued Bible and theology education, earning a ThM in Biblical Studies Hermeneutics), in Bible Studies (Exegetics), and a MA in Biblical Counseling.

I am a Certified Biblical Counselor with the International Association of Biblical Counselors and serve as their Area Coordinator (Washington, Oregon, and Southern California). I am currently spearheading the development of a new Certified Biblical Counseling Training Center in Southern California for IABC. I bring with me many years of practical experience specific to the realm of Biblical counseling and trauma.

Since coming to Christ, I have gained extensive education and experience in Christian ministry, including teaching, conference speaking, Biblical counseling, and training Biblical counselors. Trauma and Abuse are significant areas of my counseling focus. I work extensively with those who have suffered significant trauma from childhood abuse and neglect, domestic oppression and abuse, sex-trafficking, kidnapping, sole-survivors of catastrophes, traumatic loss survivors, first responders, combat trauma survivors, and the like.

I have pastored and been part of the pastoral team for several churches and speaks at various conferences throughout the country on a variety of subjects. One of the most powerful Biblical counseling tools I have been honored to have helped develop is Unbound, by Truth in Love Biblical Counseling Center. It is a dynamic approach to bringing to life the “be transformed by the renewing of your mind” tenet we see throughout Scripture.

My current “billets” are as the Teaching Pastor of Truth in Love Fellowship, in Vancouver, Washington, and directing their counseling arm, Truth in Love Biblical Counseling Center. I have also served as the Director of Vancouver Bible Institute since its founding in 2004, where I also serves as one of the professors. I work with churches and ministriesto develop Biblical counseling within their organizations and help them understand and deal with trauma survivors in their midst.

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