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A 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Dedicated to
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Pastor Chris Dion, Retired USAF , CVMA Texas State Chaplain

Pastor Chris Dion, Retired USAF , CVMA Texas State Chaplain

Pastor Chris “Preacher” Dion, Retired USAF Combat Veteran, CVMA Texas State Chaplain

Pastor Christopher Dion is a 28-year veteran of the US Army and US Air Force and comes from a long line of service. His brother Richard Dion served for twenty years in the US Navy with five combat tours and a brief stint in the TN Army National Guard out of Camden, Tennessee. Their father, George Edward Dion, served for six years in the US Navy and was part of the Cuban Missile Crisis. He inspired and motivated Chris to join the military and see it through to the end. 

Chris’s father-in-law, Juan “Bob” LaGrandier, served over twenty years in the US Army and was awarded the Bronze Star in Desert Storm. Unbeknownst to either of them they served together in Ft Ord CA in the 1990s. His brother in law John “Lucky” LaGrandier was also near Ft Ord at that time while attending the Presidio of Monterey. He to served over 20 years in the US Army seeing combat in Iraq, and Afghanistan amongst other deployments. His uncle William Askwith served in the Army Air Corps in WW2 as a bombardier. His uncle Carmine Dion served in the US Army Infantry in Europe in WW2. His uncle Armand Dion Jr served in the USAF in the 50s and 60s. His Grandfather Raymond Fish served in the Navy in WW2 in both theaters of war. Finally, his uncle Harold Guyon served in the Navy in WW2 and was one of the sailors lost to the USS Indianapolis.

Chris began his career in 1990 and served on active duty in the MA and VT National Guards and in the US Army Reserves before transferring to the US Air Force Reserves and eventually returning to active duty in the US Air Force. During that time, he served as an Infantryman, Cavalry Scout, M1 Abrahams Gunner and Crew Member, Security Forces Member, Military Working Dog Handler, Trainer, and Handler Course Instructor. He deployed multiple times to Honduras, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the UAE and ended his military career in 2019 as the Exercise Manager for Joint Base San Antonio. 

In 2005 Christopher reached one of the lowest points in his life as he entered divorce proceedings with his first wife. Christopher had been raised in a Christian household and had considered himself Christian all his life. However, the abuse he had suffered at the hand of an alcoholic stepfather and the impact of an embittered divorce between his mother and father left scars on his heart he had not been aware of. As a result, he had never personalized his faith and truly engaged in a personal relationship with Christ. The Spirit of the Lord touched him in a way he had never experienced during a message by the pastor at Colorado Community Church, where he attended. In that moment, he was put on a path that would lead him into the ministry. In 2015 he was ordained in Phoenix, Arizona, through Gospel Ministers and Churches International.

Chris’s experience in the military and observation of the increasing secularization and limitations on religious expression by service members led him to follow Christ’s call to focus his ministry on military, veterans, and first responders. In 2017 he and his wife, Luche, began Rusted Knight Ministries in Bandera, Texas. Their goal is to provide, free of charge, non-denominational Christian Bible-based support to military families through pre/post deployment support, marital counseling and ceremonial support, and preaching and leadership briefings. They also reach out to veterans by supporting veteran recognition events and offering pastoral support. Their final focus is on first responders, who operate daily in a war zone of their own with little recognition or support. 

In 2017 Christopher was made aware of Fallen Soldier March through his role as the Texas State Chaplain for Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association. After learning about the mission of FSM and being motivated by their commitment to a Bible-based approach to care, counseling, and mental health support, he knew this was yet another door the Lord had opened for him to walk through to grow, serve, and fulfill his calling.

Christopher is a graduate of Liberty University and was a victim’s advocate in the military from 2005 to 2017, supporting victims of sexual assault and abuse. He is the husband of Luche LaGrandier-Dion and father of John Edward Dion (AKA JED). The three serve together as one in the ministry God called them to. He is also a chaplain at the Coming King Foundation in Kerrville, Texas, and a minister with White Rock Christian Fellowship in Bandera, Texas. A published author, he has written articles for numerous papers and professional journals. 

Now Chris adds service with FSM to his resume, committing himself to the service and support of those in need in an ever increasingly darkened world. He is committed to ensuring that when the Lord returns, he will find Chris working and caring for those entrusted to him by the King.


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