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Death, Our Worst-Case Scenario?

by Barrett Craig, U.S. Navy, Chaplain, ACBC Certified Biblical Counselor Death, Our Worst-Case Scenario? Our ship was in a precarious situation. We had taken out a high value target, immediately making us the adversary’s focus. Circumstantially, we couldn’t move from our position. We couldn’t get out. We couldn’t move forward or back. We were stuck. […]

Living through the Hopelessness

By Tori Svenson Follow-up to Hopelessness – Why Are Children Believing Our Future Is Uncertain Is there ever a circumstance that justifies a feeling of hopelessness? Would you say a child hearing the words "you have brain cancer" when just seven years old allows for complete hopelessness? Typically, the answer would be yes. We all […]

Hope In The Fire Of Post Traumatic Stress

Jesus: Our Eternal Hope By Mitzi Egger, Retired Air Force Lt Col , ACBC Certified Suffering Scripture speaks clearly regarding suffering, from its inception in Genesis to the eradication of suffering in the book of Revelation. Throughout the Bible, suffering is described through the lives of real people experiencing the pain and trouble of living […]

Adultery in the Military Part 2: The Root, the Remedy, and the Recovery

By Suzzanne Bonn, ACBC Certified Biblical Counselor, Director of Biblical Counseling at Arcade Church, Ranger Mom Now you are free from your slavery to sin, and you have become slaves to righteous living. Romans 6:18 Why begin an article on adultery with a Bible verse about slavery? What do adultery and slavery have in common? […]

Hopelessness – Why Are Children Believing Our Future is Uncertain

By Doug Siggins, ACBC Certified, Counselor/Pastor at Trinity Counseling and Training Center, Wyoming  When we turn on the television or jump on social media, it does not take long to be inundated with cultural and political havoc: school shootings, gang violence, child abductions, sex trafficking, disintegration of the traditional family, ramped divorce, social revolution, violent […]

Surviving Going to a Dark Place

By Bill Long, SFC U.S. ARMY, Retired In the summer of 2011, I was placed on PCS orders to Fort Riley, Kansas, to the only light infantry brigade there at the time. This was my time to go serve as a platoon sergeant. Those of you who know about this pivotal moment in your career […]

Adultery in Armed Forces – Magnitude, Motivation & Help

By Suzzanne Bonn, ACBC Certified Biblical Counselor, Director of Biblical Counseling at Arcade Church, Ranger Mom Adultery: voluntary sexual activity outside the bonds of marriage; extramarital, consensual sexual intercourse between two people who are not married. Adultery is such an ugly word—ominous, really. The very mention of it even in our post-Christian culture conjures up […]

Call of Duty

By Christopher "Preacher" Dion Rusted Knight Ministries, Bandera, TX A young boy runs into the house wearing an NFL jersey and yells, "Hey, Dad! The new Call of Duty is out for Xbox! Let’s go get it." His grandfather rises slowly from an easy chair and says, "Wait a minute, son. Let me grab my […]

Help and Hope for Domestic Abuse and Violence

By Dr. Julie Ganschow, Ph.D., ACBC & IABC Certified Biblical Counselor Reports and concerns about domestic violence have surged to the forefront in our communities and our churches. Since the Houston Chronicle ran a series of articles in February 2019 and the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) released its Church Cares curriculum, more victims […]

West Elementary Teaching the Importance of Patriotism

By Leslie Brumbach, 3rd Grade Teacher, West Elementary Fall is always a busy time for elementary schools. Students are getting back into the routine of a new school year, staying busy with sports, and looking forward to all the holidays this time of the year brings. Students at West Elementary in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, are […]

Moral Injury – Distress to Your Conscience

By  Mark Worrell, U.S. Army Chaplain, ACBC Certifed Biblical Counselor Moral injury—a newer term that captures an age-old challenge. Let me paint a couple of scenarios for you as we start to discuss the subject. 1) He had just lost a few of his buddies. He thought he made the right choice by shooting the […]

Examining The Heart of Addiction Biblically

by Mark Shaw, ACBC Certified Biblical Counselor, CADAC II Addictions Counseling Certification Many who have experienced severe difficulties in either military or civilian life have turned to alcohol and drugs as an escape. Alcoholism and addiction are not biblical words. If you open any good translation of God’s Holy Word, you will be hard pressed […]

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