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Call of Duty

Call of Duty

By Christopher "Preacher" Dion Rusted Knight Ministries, Bandera, TX

A young boy runs into the house wearing an NFL jersey and yells, "Hey, Dad! The new Call of Duty is out for Xbox! Let’s go get it."

His grandfather rises slowly from an easy chair and says, "Wait a minute, son. Let me grab my hat and come with you and your dad to the store. I’ll tell you a story on the way to town." As they walk out the door, the old man grabs a baseball cap with the words Korean War Veteran above the brim.

As they climb into a well-used pick-up truck, the old man begins his story. "Son, there was a time before computers, Facebook, Internet, games—and even television. In those days call of duty had a deeper meaning. It was a time when Americans stood for the flag and knelt only for the Lord. You see, son, the call began in an age when Pilgrims left the safety of a land they knew for a land of possibility where they determined to plant seeds of sacrifice that would blossom into a tree of liberty.

"In that day the family was the pillar of society and the community stood together, strongly committed to the safety of their town and their state, their home. When a foreign land and a distant government squeezed tight to impose their will, the call was heard in patriot hearts and led them to Lexington and Bunker Hill. When warriors rose and formed militias, each town rose as one. They cheered them on and sang them songs as the soldiers marched in step.

Those who remained erected pillars in the center of the town. They cheered the victors who marched back home and mourned those they had lost.

"The call came again in 1812 when a vanquished foe returned. Heroes rose and saved the treasures before the capitol was burned. Others traveled many miles with Colonel Jackson to the town of New Orleans. The nation rose to fight further on to fulfill our destiny, sacrificing many lives.

"Then came a day when our family fought itself. The bugle blast came to cleanse the land of a blight we had ignored. The cancer had grown until it nearly divided us forever into two countries. Blood poured upon the land from heroes both North and South. Finally, at Appomattox an end came and a new beginning emerged.

"Then in 1898 the mighty Maine was sunk. The blow was felt, and the call was answered—and legends began. The Rough Riders rose and fought their way to San Juan Hill. The North and South reunited as a single American band.

"The strength of our land was now unquestioned as the great white fleet sailed and duty led us down the way to save a world at war. The nations cheered as Yanks marched and fought till night was day and refused to return to home till it was over.

"Safe at home we woke one day in the winter of ‘41 and found our Sunday shaken by bombs and paradise nearly lost. Not a single man would stay at home when duty called. It seemed they rose, both old and young, to grab a gun and go. They hopped from islands, stormed the beaches, and eventually liberated the world. We ended a holocaust and supported a homeland for the Jews.

"A chill spread across the land as an iron curtain fell and a cold war began. We left our home for an Asian land along with a United Nations force. We took a blow and got pushed to Pusan. Then we dug in our heels and fought our way to the frozen Chosin land. The battle waged and then stalemated . . . and stands that way today.

"From there we did not need to go very far, as Vietnam flared. Now, son, here the story changes, not for the warrior but for the land. You see, the country was weary from many wars and the Bible had left the schools. We lost sight of our foundations and the purpose of our force. Brave men and women still answered duty’s call. Whether by draft or by their choice, they came and fought. Many died being faithful to their duty. Yet at home the anger swelled from youth who seemed confused, and they struck out at the ones who served instead of the ones who told them to.

"Another war ended, but so much blood had been spilled. Victory was now in question and what were we to do. The Cold War still continued and America sought to find itself. The call, though, continued—and patriots answered still. Then little wars that seemed easy, unless yours were the boots upon the ground, flared up close to home. The warrior rose and fought and won and gave our country pride. This growing wind became a storm and swept a desert force.

"On 9/11 the air brought death just as it had in ‘41. Towers fell and 3,000 died in the blink of the nation’s eye. Then came the call of duty from a bull horn on a heap of steel. We brought the fight to Afghanistan, then on to Iraq. The nation declared war on terror and we fight it still today.

"Now, son, I know how much you like to play your games. I know that is the way things are today. In my day we played games as well, though we played outside in the yard. However, I want you to know that there is more. I want you to be aware, as few seem to be, that the call of duty for which your game is named used to mean much more. Real men and women heard that call and trained to wear their nation’s clothes. They swore allegiance to the flag and the warriors standing next to them. They fought to pay the price that freedom demands. Their chests flowed deep with pride as our anthem song was sung. They left their homes and families . . . and many did not return. They lie in fields around the world and call to you and me. Hear the bugle when it calls, for in it is duty true.

"Stand for the anthem . . . salute the flag . . . and kneel before the cross. Remember these heroes and never forget they answered the call for me and you."


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