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A 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Dedicated to
Providing Biblical Counseling,
Service Dogs, and Veteran Advocacy

Fallen Soldiers March Advisory Board

Fallen Soldiers March® Advisory Board

Our diverse Advisory Board helps us to focus on our mission.

"Where there is no counsel, the people fall; But in the multitude of counselors there is safety." — Proverbs 11:14

Anne Dryburgh, Ph.D., IABC, ACBC, and CABC Biblical Counselor

Background Anne Dryburgh, Ph.D., is an IABC, ACBC, and CABC biblical counselor who has been a mission worker in Flemish-speaking Belgium since the early 1990s. She is also a guest lecturer at Tilsley College in Scotland, an external reader for doctoral candidates at the Masters International University of Divinity and a council member of the […]

Barrett Craig, U.S. Navy, Chaplain, ACBC Certified Biblical Counselor

Barrett Craig recently joined the Fallen Soldiers March Advisory Board upon learning of FSM’s passion to reach our combat Vets with the gospel of Christ. Like FSM he is deeply committed to the same gospel-centered, biblical approach in addressing the complex challenges many of our returning warriors face. Having come from a long family line […]

Francis Beeman, U.S. Navy Veteran, ABC & AACC Certified

Background "Doc" Beeman resides in the Chicago Suburb of Streamwood Illinois where he provides biblical counsel and soul care to active military, veterans, first responders and their families. Former professional education includes general and surgical medicine, clinical psychology, research neuropsychology and group and individual therapy. In 2008, "Doc" Beeman, only his mother calls him Francis, […]

Julie Ganschow, ACBC & IABC Certified Biblical Counselor

Background Julie Ganschow has been involved in Biblical Counseling and Discipleship for more than 20 years. She is passionate about the critical need for heart change in a person who desires change in their life. Julie is a gifted counselor and teacher, has authored numerous books and materials for biblical counseling, and co-authored a biblical […]

Randy Gracy, Owner Sword & Shield / Southern Biker Magazines

Randy Gracy

Endorsement "I fully endorse Fallen Soldiers March. I’m a personal believer that a Service Animal can make all the difference in the world as I have a medical Service Animal myself. Animals can and do sense things that may not be right in person whether it be medical, physical or psychological. God gave them extreme […]

Pastor Warren Lamb, SGT U.S. Marine Corps, Retired, IABC

The internet and social media are influencing the landscape of human connection and communication at breakneck speed. Some of these influences are an amazing blessing, and one of those (Facebook) is the reason I found and connected with Jim Retzke of Fallen Soldiers March. I have been a trauma counselor for over thirty years. I […]

Captain Donald L. Roy, U.S. Navy, Retired, ACBC Biblical Counselor

The non-stop combat that our service members have been involved in since September 11, 2001 has taken a significant toll on many of our selfless combat veterans. Dealing with the emotional trauma of PTSD is every bit as difficult, and often times more difficult, than dealing with the physical injuries sustained in battle. Fallen Soldiers […]

Tony “T-Rat” Ratagick, President of U.S Military Vets MC TN Section 8 Chapter

Tony "T-Rat" Ratagick, President of U.S Military Vets MC TN Section 8 Chapter   Endorsement I met Jim Retzke at an event in Lebanon Tennessee. He was clearly passionate about Fallen Soldiers March mission and I let him know that my Brotherhood of Veterans were looking for an organization we could get behind and support. […]

Lieutenant General Dennis D. Cavin, U.S. Army Retired

Lieutenant General Dennis D. Cavin, U.S. Army Retired ENDORSEMENT STATEMENT Today our nation has been in continual combat for over fifteen years.  This war has taken a huge toll on our young men and women.  Our Armed Forces have the best and most responsive medical care imaginable.  Service men and women survive today, who in previous […]

Ken Lyons, Service Dogs of Florida

Ken Lyons, Service Dogs of Florida ENDORSEMENT STATEMENT "I first became aware of FSM several years ago when they requested information about Service Dogs, the application process, demand/shortage, waiting lists and the severe lack of funding in the community for them. Their goal of helping Veterans, and Service Dogs in general by fund-raising, helps the […]

Colonel Jerry McFarland, U.S. Army Retired

Colonel Jerry McFarland, U.S. Army Retired ENDORSEMENT STATEMENT "The VA's motto is "to care for those who have borne the battle" and the Fallen Soldier's March puts those words into action for our wounded Soldiers. Dogs are, to me, one of life's greatest blessings and can truly heal the wounds that remain invisible to a […]

Melissa Riley, Ph.D

Melissa Riley, Ph.D ENDORSEMENT STATEMENT "I fully endorse Fallen Soldiers March. I have worked in the field of behavioral health on local, state and national levels since for 18 years. I have been a K9 handler and trainer for 17 years. I have seen first hand the incredible difference that having a dog in your […]

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