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Lieutenant General Dennis D. Cavin, U.S. Army Retired

Lieutenant General Dennis D. Cavin, U.S. Army Retired

Lieutenant General Dennis D. Cavin, U.S. Army Retired


Today our nation has been in continual combat for over fifteen years.  This war has taken a huge toll on our young men and women.  Our Armed Forces have the best and most responsive medical care imaginable.  Service men and women survive today, who in previous wars would have perished on the battlefield before adequate medical care could be provided.  Many now return home alive, but with life altering injuries.  These injuries are just not to the body, but to the mind, spirit, and heart.  Providing the best care and support for those is our nation's moral and legal obligation.

One organization that has taken on the monumental task of providing specialty care for Veterans in need is the Fallen Soldiers March team.  Their mission is simple—let no Soldier, Marine, Sailor or Airman, who is in desperate need of support and care go unanswered.  That need in many cases is a companion, an alarm clock, a crutch to lean on in times of deep despair and trouble.  Fallen Soldiers March provides Service Dogs that are specially trained to address our Veteran’s suffering from mental disabilities such as post-traumatic stress.

I have personally seen the dramatic difference a Service Dog can make in a Serviceman’s life—increased self confidence, increased ability to interact with society without fear of lapsing into a reaction to times past.  We must all understand the need and then take action to address the growing demand to take care of our most valuable asset—those we call Veterans."


Mr. Dennis D. Cavin is a former Vice President, for Lockheed Martin having served as Vice President-International Air and Missile Defense Strategic Initiatives from Oct 2004 to Jun 2010 and as Vice President Corporate Business Development (Army and Air and Missile Defense Programs) from Jun 2010 until his retirement in Mar 2013.

Mr. Cavin joined Lockheed Martin in October 2004 after completing 34 years of distinguished service in the United States Army.  Prior to joining Lockheed Martin, Mr. Cavin was charged with standing-up and commanding the US Army Accessions Command at Fort Monroe, Va.  He also served as the Training and Doctrine Command’s Deputy Commanding General for Initial Entry Training.  In this capacity he was responsible for meeting recruiting goals for officer and enlisted personnel within the Army Active and Reserve Component; managing and conducting recruiting operations, developing Initial Military Training (IMT) policy, developing direct commission and appointment policy, and overseeing all IMT programs.  He also directed the Army’s Advertising and Marketing Programs, including establishing the Army’s All American High School Football Game, Army NASCAR and Army National Hot Rod Association programs.

Mr. Cavin is a career Air Defense Artillery Officer, having served in both Short Range and High Altitude Air Defense Artillery Units for more than 25 years.  From July 1996 to August 2000 he served as Deputy Commanding General and Commanding General of the US Army Air Defense Artillery Center and Fort Bliss, Fort Bliss, Texas.  During this period Phased Array Tracking to Intercept of Target Advanced Capability -3 (Patriot PAC3), Terminal High Altitude Area Defense System (THAAD), and Extended Air Defense System (MEADS) achieved major program milestones.  Prior to his Fort Bliss assignment, Mr. Cavin served as the Chief, Air Defense Division, Force Development Branch, Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans, US Army, Washington, DC.

From 2004 to mid-2010 Mr. Cavin oversaw the successful expansion of global PAC-3 sales to include launch of the first International Direct Commercial Sale of the PAC-3 Missile Segment.  He led the expansion of the PAC-3 Foreign Military Sales Program to include the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Taiwan. He successfully led the first international sale of the THAAD system to the UAE.    As Vice President of Corporate Business Development (Army and Missile Defense Programs), Mr. Cavin was responsible for aligning and integrating our Department of Defense customer requirements into the overall Lockheed Martin strategic plan.  He led a Business Development team across the nation that maintained a deep understanding of current and future Army capabilities and insured that Lockheed Martin was postured to meet those needs.

Most recently Mr. Cavin chaired "Nashville Salutes" a three-day event hosting 26 living Medal of Honor Recipients for a region wide tribute.  Nashville Salutes raised over $600,000 for the Medal of Honor.

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Foundation’s continued expansion of the Character Development Program for middle and high schools around the nation.

Mr. Cavin holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Tennessee at Martin and a Master of Science Degree in Management from Webster University.  Mr. Cavin is also a graduate of the Industrial College of the Armed Forces.

Mr. Cavin is married to the former Mary E. Brann.  They reside in Fairvue Plantation, Gallatin, TN.

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